About Us

How we met: Her story

I met Tommy as a naive freshman at some Pike party.  I definitely started to crush on him, but he had a girlfriend at the time, and he was a junior, so I never really thought anything of it.  I kept in touch with him after he graduated, because he was going to law school, and I had a major Elle Woods complex going on.  He answered all of my questions and counseled me through studying for the LSAT.  Finally, in my senior year, I decided to take a risk for Pike's homecoming dance.  I not-very-subtly dropped the hint that I needed a date (Thank goodness for Facebook for low pressure hint-dropping!):
He FINALLY picked up the hint and asked me out.  We had a great time at the dance, and texted approximately 1,547,038 times a day after he went back to San Diego, until I finally decided to come visit him about one month later and he took me to Disneyland as our first date as a couple.  Five years later, I bet he's glad I got that ball rolling!! ;)

How we met: His story

I met Mindy as a junior at some Pike party. I thought she was pretty and a cool girl. She became one of the few Pike girls that were cool enough to hang out with the guys, since she could talk sports and put up with us. I always had a bit of a crush on her, but didn't pursue anything. I graduated in 2006 and went off to Michigan State University to attend law school. Surprising to me, Mindy messaged me a couple of times asking about the LSAT's and law school and being the nice guy I am I gave her my honest opinion and thoughts on things. After my first year of law school, I transferred to the University of San Diego. It was also getting close to my fraternity's homecoming dance. I started messaging some of my fellow alums and friends I wanted to see, to get an idea of who would actually be going. One of those people happened to be Mindy, whom I still had a crush on.  I sent her a facebook message to see if she was going, to which she responded with a comment that was open for interpretation. Not wanting to read into anything that was not there, I kindly asked one of my friends, Vickie, to interpret the message for me. She pretty much laughed at me for not seeing that it was obvious that Mindy wanted me to ask her to the dance. Which was promptly followed by this stellar from of asking someone to a dance:
For some reason she said yes. The dance was an awesome time and the weekend flew by. We texted constantly for the next month until she flew down to San Diego for a weekend and I took her to Disneyland for our first date as a couple. Two years later, I'm glad I was so good at picking up on the obvious signs she was giving me!

How we got engaged

Well, like most things, I didn't make this easy for Tommy.  The pressure was on for a perfect proposal, and he had set the bar pretty high for himself.  He tried taking me to Disneyland for our anniversary, but I shot it down; he was going to propose while we were at my parents', but I was cranky; he wanted to go ice skating but I was afraid of breaking an ankle...  Needless to say, I was a tough cookie.  Finally, it was time to exchange Christmas presents.  I was pretty excited about my movie night package I put together for him, but I was really nervous to open my present.  I knew there was a chance it was the ring, and that's a big deal!  So I opened the wrapping and saw that it was a hand-made puzzle.  We love doing jigsaw puzzles, (or did, before we got a cat who eats pieces) so I thought it was cute, but was suspicious at the writing I saw on some of the pieces.  Trying to be sly, he "helped me put it together" by hiding some of the word pieces until the end.  Once I started to figure out what was definitely on there, I started hyperventilating while he got down on one knee with my beautiful ring.  I'm not sure if I actually said yes amongst the "are you kidding me?"s, because I was in such shock that it was finally happening.  It ended up being on my parents' 25th wedding anniversary, which was great timing!  We finally told everyone the next day after I started breathing again, and it was so much fun to share the news with our friends and family!  We were actually going to see his parents that weekend, so we waited to tell them in person.  However, we botched the timing getting there and had to wait for them to get home from work.  They got home at different times, too, so I had to hide the ring from his dad while we waited.  Finally, once both parents were home, we carried on an excruciatingly long conversation before Tommy awkwardly brought it up and I could take my hand out of my pocket!  After sharing our news, it was time to get to work and start planning--I had waited long enough!  See how the wedding turned out here.

How our family is growing

In the summer of 2009, I adopted Rosie the cat from an SPCA booth in front of the grocery store, much to Tommy's chagrin, but I had my own apartment, so he couldn't say much about it.  She has since grown into a large and cantankerous cat who needed some socialization.

In the summer of 2012, the grocery store struck again, and I picked up Cotton from a strange man trying to give her away.  Tommy is We were iffy about keeping her, but I knew that we should at least get her shots taken care of and feed her while we decided.  Six months later, she has Tommy wrapped around her little paw, even if she is the awkward one.  Rose is still unsure about the decision.
Best of all, in a decision that no one is contesting (ok, maybe the cats are), Lilly Anne was born on July 4, 2013, and Madeline Grace was born on April 6, 2015.  I think the cats are starting to come around...

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