Thursday, April 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Four Months

Sweet baby girl, somehow you are TWO!  You are just having a language and personality explosion lately, and you certainly seem much more like a little girl than a baby.  You love to tell stories, and you feel very strongly about the stories you are telling, punctuating them with yells and emphatic hand gestures.  Your personality is SO BIG in every way - loving and mischievous and stubborn and sweet and funny and goofy and silly and aggressive.  You are certainly living up your terrible twos in some ways, although it seems like you might just have mellowed out a bit in the last week or two.  Maybe those constant time-outs are paying off!
You still basically only eat like 5 foods, but it's fine, and we quit fighting it.  You are clearly growing just fine, and have no shortage of energy.  At home, you are sleeping like a champ, although sometimes you take foreverrrrr to fall asleep, doing all kinds of weird things in your crib while you settle down.  When you're tired, you turn into a manic Tasmanian devil child, so you still haven't made it past a 6 pm bedtime, but we can go out and do things that push naps back without much of an issue as long as there as something fun to see and do.  
Movies and TV are still a hit, and you are starting to predict/narrate what is happening in them, which is super fun!  It's also my favorite time to cuddle, because you love to crawl on my lap and snuggle.  You LOVE reading and imaginative play, and will play with Lilly or by yourself for a long period of time in some kind of imaginary scenario.  It is so cute to hear what your little mind comes up with for your characters.  You are starting to pick up on interactive games too, like counting hiding, and searching during hide-and-seek (and I can now confirm that apparently you can count to 10!).  Your characters are probably your #1 favorite thing to play with (Duplo people, Barbies, miniature figures, etc), but you do love your baby doll as well.  You are fascinated with real babies, especially our friend Baby Callie, and you even named your new doll after her.  You are getting to be about 90% gentle with her, but occasionally you still hug too much or push her over just to see what happens.
Another favorite lately is playing outside, especially bug hunting.  You love to find rolly-polies for Lilly, and are so proud when you spot one, or a snail.  The water table is finally fun, and I think summer is going to be a blast.
Madeline, you give the best hugs and kisses, you love your sister fiercely and mostly want to be just like her, and even though you give us a run for our money, you are such a smushy ball of adorableness when you do your arms-crossed-stubborn-pout that we can hardly help ourselves.  I love seeing your little personality develop as you grow into yourself.  You are so loved, baby girl!

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