Monday, March 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Three Months

Madeline Grace, somehow you will be TWO next month.  What the what?!  You are definitely acting like a typical two-year-old, though, so I know you're ready!  You have gotten into the habit of crossing your arms VERY aggressively when you say "NO!" with those pursed little lips in a pouty face.  Add in some pigtails and it is adorably stereotypical two-year-old.  You have added some new phrases to your "no" vocabulary, such as "don't want to" or "won't do it."  So that's fun.  You've also got a scream that could wake the dead when you're angry.  As cute as you are, I won't mind when you grow out of that, you stubborn little thing.
On the bright side, you are also picking up things like counting - I think you can mostly get to 10 although I don't think you have any idea what those numbers mean.  You know all of your colors, and are starting to pick up a few letters.  You know S and W because they are on every driveway when we go for walks!  You love wearing shoes and you love going outside, so thankfully the rain should be letting up soon.  You are also still going pretty hard with the jewelry, although you'd really prefer to just give your bracelets to random people.  You do love to share, unless you've determined that something is "MINE!"  You are also stringing together sentences all the time now, but you are also perfectly happy to yell things incoherently.  It's pretty hilarious.
We visited Colorado this month, and you got to meet your cousins Ada and Henry.  You slept decently at their house, but oh my word you were a nightmare in the hotel.  Definitely not going on any overnight trips again soon!  Maybe when you're three...
Also, I found the CUTEST Dr. Seuss dresses for this spring, and your sister obviously had to join you in your photo shoot this month so she could wear her beautiful new dress too.  This picture of the two of you cracks me up because it shows your relationship perfectly...Lilly is being sweet to you and you are smirking, probably planning something.


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