Monday, February 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Two Months

Oh my gosh, child, somehow you grew again this month.  Probably like 2 inches.  Seriously, you are a giant.  With that came this crazy eating boycott, where you got even more picky (which was superfun and also made no sense because you'd think growing would make you hungry...), and I actually thought maybe you were getting those last molars, but no such luck.
This month you have come up with some of my favorite new phrases.  You still love to give your love, and lately you'll run up to someone, give the tightest squeezy hug, and say "I missed you, I missed you!"  Heart.  Melted.  You also do it between your dolls which is so funny to eavesdrop on.  You will also pick special toys (or random objects) and hug them to you and exclaim, "I love it!"  So stinking cute.  Along with these funny sayings, your singing has become more recognizable this month.  You love to sing "keen up" when we clean up, and the other day I finally realized that when you were giving me a "chep up," you were singing the whole Doc McStuffins song.  Still working on the tune, but it's so cute!  You are also OBSESSED with hiding, which often means you just dive onto the couch and yelling "I HIDING" in full view.  Lilly desperately wants you to play Hide and Seek with her, but I'm not sure either of you really have the hiding concept down yet!

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