Friday, January 6, 2017

Madeline Grace: Twenty-One Months

WHY DO YOU SUDDENLY LOOK LIKE YOU GREW UP OVERNIGHT?!  I mean, again with the skeptical face, but to be fair, I did take your picture right after naptime.  I can't get over how much more grown-up you're looking lately, although I think a lot of it is because your hair is suddenly getting really long.  Your love of accessories is still going strong-you love your "neck" along with bows, bracelets, and shoes.  Oh the shoes.  Your Papa got you some super-fancy-light-up-high-tops for Christmas and you. are. obsessed.  You stomp and prance around in them and it's just hilarious. Along with brushing your teeth, putting on shoes is a great way to bribe you to get ready to go somewhere.

You had just as much fun at Christmas as I expected, although by now I think we are all burnt out and wacky from all of the time off of routine, plus all.the.things.  Other than the shoes, I would say your favorite toy was a Doc McStuffins Duplo set, but really just the little characters, particularly Lambie ("wammy").  Your language has just taken off again lately, and you are putting together sentences all the time, so whenever you can't find Lambie, you will say "Uh-oh. Where wammy go? Wammy, are ooooooooo?" with your hands on your cheeks.  It is so funny.  You basically can repeat any word we say and then file it away, and you are putting subjects and verbs together often.  This is absolutely always my favorite stage, when the language just takes off! I think your favorite thing is to be understood, because if we repeat it back to you and get it right, you just beam with joy and nod, "HUH!" On the other hand, if you say something and we don't understand it, oh the frustration.  Soon, sister, soon we will be completely past the language barrier!

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