Thursday, October 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Eighteen Months

Eighteen months is always one of my favorite ages because you are really transitioning from baby to toddler and with that comes so much more independence and so much less frustration!  That said, you are still a stubborn little thing, and full of sugar AND spice.  So much spice.  You are a little clown who loves to make everyone laugh, especially if it involves being naughty.  You love pushing the envelope, but you have to make sure someone is watching.  You are refusing to try ANYTHING new lately, and even refusing some of your previous favorite foods-I think that may have something to do with working on those pesky canine teeth at some point soon.  It makes dinner challenging, though, and we think that's part of why you wake up so early, because you are just so darn hungry.

You are loving your baby dolls and putting them to sleep, yelling at us all to SHH.  My favorite new words are "nack" (snack), "wap" (lap), and "Joo" (George, as in Curious), and "bahg" (bag).  You love your bags, or carrying anything.  You are great at cleaning up ("keenup")...when you want to.  I can't wait to dress you up for Halloween in your Minnie Mouse costume-you are obsessed with Minnie and Mickey!  Dress-up in general is a big hit; you insist on bows ALWAYS, you love wearing bracelets and necklaces, and you are offended until you can put your shoes on!  Gosh, you are cute though!

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