Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Seventeen Months

Well, little sassypants, this is the first month in a while that it hasn't been a major struggle to get your picture!  I would say you are finally mellowing back out a little, but that's probably not true.  This month has been a little all over the place -- at the beginning of the month you had a MAJOR sleep regression and were waking up between 3:30 and 5:00 am for the day.  Not my favorite.  You did come through with two top molars and a major language explosion, so at least there was some fruit for all of that nonsense, but if it was your last terrible sleep phase I wouldn't be mad about it. 

You also got a big treat this month when we went to Disneyland! You were crazy about the rides, especially Little Mermaid and Dumbo.  It is so fun that you are developing vocabulary, both oral and signing, to indicate what you want, and you made your wants known anytime we were near one of those rides.  Your overall favorite part, however, might have been just running around in circles with Lilly in an empty little nook of the park.  You're not used to being cooped up in a stroller all day long, and even with snacks, you were sort of over it.

I also think we've gotten into a decent routine for eating - you eat granola with yogurt or zucchini muffins and scrambled eggs every morning for breakfast, cheese and a fruit/veggie snack bar for lunch, and chili or mac and cheese with peas for dinner.  You go through at least two applesauce pouches every day, and you love salty snacks, so I have to keep those hidden.  There's no variety, but at least I feel like we are getting a decent balance of food groups into you, especially with hidden veggies and purees in your dinners.  You are still extremely offended at the idea of trying new foods, even Lilly's chocolate which she graciously tried to share with you.  Your loss, sister.

I just want to list out as many words as I can, because I think it's so funny to see what you are picking up on: mama, dada, sissy, Lilly, Madeline, meow, dog, woof, neigh, hiss (like a snake), ooh ooh ah ah (like a monkey), whoo (like an elephant? maybe not super accurate, but whatever), fishies (Goldfish), fish, cheese, please, thank you, sorry, mermaid, bow, ball, Doc (McStuffins), Pooh, show, Minnie, up, uh oh, oh no, uh huh, peekaboo, MINE (not my favorite...), baby, and I'm sure there are a few more I'm not thinking of.  You are starting to put words together here and there, mostly "MY _____" but also "please up" or "no mama (another favorite).  You definitely understand WAY more than you can say, and you can follow almost any direction I give you (when you want to).

You are still obsessed with whatever Lilly is doing, and you both currently love giving check-ups to each other and to you toys.  You are an aggressively physical little love, and you just want to smash your face into mine all day long.  You are happiest when you are wrestling, and you and Lilly are just playing more and more together.  I have been trying to step back a little and let you girls work on working things out, and you both generally resolve things pretty quickly.  Sharing becomes an issue sometimes, along with you giving "too much love" to your sister.  We do a lot of "hands to yourself" around here.

We love you, little sister!  I can't believe you will be a year and a half so soon, and are getting closer to the age Lilly was when she became a big sister.  Also, my favorite milestone is that you will finally let me put a ponytail in your hair!  Win.

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