Saturday, August 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Sixteen Months

Well the months just keep marching on, little miss!  You are definitely growing in language as well as stubbornness!  You love to shout "No!" or "Stop!" but you get equally as excited about balls, dogs, bows, dada, mama, sissy, cheese, shoes, books and babies.  You know your nose, eyes, and mouth, and Daddy taught you to stick out your tongue, which entertains you to no end.  You still love animals and love to make elephant noises and meow.  You learned to walk backwards, knock, stomp, and "shh" with your finger.  You are OBSESSED with your sister more than ever before.  You are so sad when she is still sleeping (although perhaps if you learned to sleep past 5 she would be awake when you get up...), and you give her unending hugs and kisses.  You want to copy everything that she is doing, except when she tries to get you to try her food.  My favorite skill that you have picked up this month from her is dancing; you twirl with your arms up and love to plop down and yell "DOWN" like you're playing Ring Around the Rosie.  You also started saying "mama" in the cutest high-pitched voice, but I think that voice is already disappearing and it makes me so sad!
I swear you are working on some serious molars, but so far the only tooth that has appeared is your fourth bottom tooth (finally).  You are down to nursing once a day (HOORAY), and sleeping decently except for this neat little waking up at or before 5 situation.  EYE ROLL.  It doesn't seem to matter when you go to sleep or how much we work on training you to sleep later, you are determined to wake early.  I am hoping it is just a short phase since you are in your last leap, and summer just always seems to bring about early waking.  You are still not a great eater-you love granola or muffins for breakfast, and eat a pretty consistent lunch of bread and cheese with a ton of applesauce throughout the day.  Dinners are super hit or miss-you will go to town on homemade mac & cheese, or chili (go figure), but you are extremely wary of trying new foods and on the occasion that I can sneak something in your mouth, you are generally extremely offended.  So that's fun, but it's progress and I'm looking forward to the days of bribing you to eat, like we do Lilly, although your temperament might just be stubborn enough that it won't work.

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