Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Fifteen Months

Oh, sweet girl.  Less giant leaps this month, but lots of darling little mannerisms coming through.  My favorite is when you say, "Uh-oh!" with this concerned look on your face, and your hands up.  You even gasp, and then mumble something that sounds like, "Where go?" or, "Look!" and look around.  It is hilarious every time.  You especially love looking for Lilly.  You know your nose, eyes, and mouth, and enjoy making cow and monkey sounds every time you see them.  Animals in general are your favorite, but especially dogs and the snake and alligator blocks that you attack us with and hiss.  You love to show off your belly button and stick your tongue out, and then laugh at yourself for being so silly.  Every month you get more and more of an opinion-and you let it be known by nodding or shaking your head.  You choose your own books, food, far I still get to choose your outfits but I don't see that lasting much longer.  My favorite development this month is that we are fully weaned at night and you are finally sleeping about 6-6 consistently.  Hallelujah!  I think you are happiest when you are being naughty, but hopefully that is just a function of age.  You give stink-eye like nobody, and your eyebrows are out of control.  This is a tough age to get out of routine, as we saw when we went to Tahoe for a few days, but luckily you are so sweet and affectionate, and you love to give kisses, which generally makes up for the serious sass.  The chair photos were apparently not an option this week, but I had to throw in some of your attitude.

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