Monday, June 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Fourteen Months

What a fun month this has been!  We've actually made it through the month without getting sick, and you have made so much progress since you've been healthy.  You are talking and signing up a storm.  Most popular is "please"--both the word and the sign, but you also can sign "water," "food," "milk" (ok, I lied, that one is your favorite), and "all done," which you've been saying for a while.  You are so much better about handing me food or shaking your head when you don't want it (which is often) instead of throwing it all on the floor or freaking out and flailing.  You blow kisses and wave, and you love to give kisses, particularly to the animals in your books.  You still LOVE animals, especially fish, dogs, and cats.  One of my favorite phases that Lilly ever went through was finding the cat in every single book we have, and you are starting to do the same.  You love reading, and are starting to sit still for stories beyond lift-the-flap type books.  You are still so silly and playful, and you get such a kick out of pretending to feed us or grabbing something you know you shouldn't have, like the remote.  You definitely understand almost everything we say to you, and I laughed out loud the other day when I told you that if you kept screaming, you would get a time out.  You sat yourself right down and then looked up at me like, "ok, I did my time out, can I go back to screaming now?"  Incidentally, the screaming is a neat trick that could go away and I wouldn't be mad about it.
You are finally eating food, praise the Lord, although your palate is pretty limited.  You love bread, cheese, raisins, applesauce, and apparently now bananas.  You were trying some new things at dinner for a while, but that is super hit or miss if you'll even let us sneak you a taste.  You have legitimately tried a few different fruits a few times now, but apparently you truly don't like the taste.  Weirdo.  But thankfully now that you are actually eating real food, we have started to wean a little bit.  You are having milk much less often, and I have completely stopped nursing you to sleep for naps are bedtime.  You are down to only waking up about once a night regularly, although we are hoping to cut that completely out soon.  It is so nice not to be tied to such a short window leaving you; we were even able to catch a Giants game without worrying too much about you going that long without milk.  I'm sure it doesn't hurt that your Papa and Marion are super fun and kept you distracted the whole time!  Overall, I am so thankful that you are finally making some progress this month-the last few months had been rough with illness and constant nursing combined with general separation anxiety.  Don't get me wrong, you still get awfully mad if I appear to be walking away without you, but you are just doing so much better in general.

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