Friday, May 6, 2016

Madeline Grace: Thirteen Months

We kicked off this month with a wonderful birthday celebration for you, little miss.  So many people who love you in one place.  You had absolutely no interest in the cupcake, mainly because the frosting was sticky, which I totally get, girl, but you seemed happy enough to have everyone there to celebrate you.  We also took your one-year photos, which turned out beautifully despite your super grumpy mood that day.  Actually, it's been a pretty grumpy month overall, with lots of sickness, unfortunately. You had a nasty cold/allergy/teething/general mucus situation for a couple of weeks, so we started giving you some allergy medicine, thinking you may just be struggling with Stockton life as we all are.  Then you got a fever from your 12-month vaccines, combined with some kind of stomach bug for a few miserable days while we were on vacation.  It was a bummer because you didn't really get to enjoy your friends or the beach, but you LOVED the aquarium.  Oh my gosh you loved it.  You were so fascinated by the fish, but it turns out that what you really love are birds.  Really.  We walked laps in the stroller at the cutest park in Monterey chasing geese, and you made BFF with a seagull while we ate dinner at the FishHopper...right before you completely blew out your diaper, outfit, my outfit, the changing pad, diaper there's that.
Despite spending most of the month a little off, the last week or so you have finally made some progress eating and signing, and you are a complete professional at walking now.  You still pretty much only eat bread, cheese, and applesauce, but you're eating.  Which is great, because a few weeks ago you were literally only nursing.  Your little body just can't keep growing without some food, girlfriend!  We tried teaching some baby signs while we were on vacation, but you were having none of it, probably because you felt so terrible.  Now, though, you are picking them up, or at least "up" and "milk."  LOL

Hoping you have a better month this month sweetheart! At least you and your sister love each other...

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