Monday, March 14, 2016

Madeline Grace: Forty-Nine Weeks

You took steps this week!!!!!!  Just a few here and there, and let's just brush aside that the first time was to Aunt Brookie instead of one of your parents, but whatever!  You are just so proud of yourself, but you aren't very successful because you get too excited and fall over.  I would imagine that you'll be going pretty well on your own by the end of the week.  I honestly thought you'd be running by now, so I very much appreciate that you waited a bit even though I know you are so anxious to go!

The other nice thing this week is that once you finally got over your cold, your appetite has come back in full force.  I think getting a top tooth has really helped you learn to chew (although I'd love for that other one to break through any day now...), because you are doing much better with whole foods.  Your favorite thing?  Chili.  I mean, obviously bread and carbs and snacks, but you devoured the chili I made the other day, by spoon and everything!  Who knew.  We decided that you just don't like cold food and would rather have warm, but we totally could have made that up.

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