Monday, March 7, 2016

Madeline Grace: Forty-Eight Weeks

Poor girl, you spent most of this week out of commission with a SUPER NASTY cold.  We think that it was maybe compounded by teething (because you cut one top tooth and the other is close behind) and allergies (because pollen exploded around here, and we had some flowers in the house that really knocked your dad out), but you had crazy amounts of mucus streaming down your face, your throat, and into your lungs.  You had a nasty cough that we ended up going into the doctor to get checked out, but thankfully it was just from the cold.  Sleeping was rough, so we put a wedge under your mattress to help with the congestion, but you kept flipping upside down so you were sleeping head down.

Thank goodness you were on the mend by the weekend, and you seem very happy now that that first top tooth has cut through!  You are so proud of yourself because you can stand on your own, and you are sooooooooo close to walking on your own!  You are as mischievous and playful as every now, and I can't even imagine what you will get into once you are fully mobile!  I had to include this extra photo-you little daredevil!

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