Monday, February 22, 2016

Madeline Grace: Forty-Six Weeks

So you absolutely started doing the cutest thing this week!  You have been blowing kisses to us, and I die.  I started noticing that whenever I say kiss or blow kisses at you, you pucker up and smack back, and sometimes you do it to catch our attention.  You love to blow kisses at your sister!  Now, this is not to be confused with a real kiss, which is open mouth and aggressive ;)  You also have been very into hugging things lately, by tucking your head down onto my shoulder or onto whatever it is you're hugging.  Blankets and your baby doll, in particular, have been major objects of your affection.  I love watching your sweet cuddly nature transform from clingy to affectionate!
Also, just looking at your pictures between this week and last, I swear you look like a different kid.  Apparently you've been doing some growing during all of this new sleep.

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