Monday, February 29, 2016

Madeline Grace: Forty-Seven Weeks

We've been waiting and waiting and waiting for your top right tooth to break through, because it has been SO CLOSE forever, but apparently while we were watching that one, you cut another one on the bottom.  Cool.
We also dug back into naps this week - I had kind of quit for a while because it was just pretty awful, but we put up some blackout shades and dug in our heels, and so far, so good!  You are still much more upset than when you go to bed at night, but you are getting past it pretty quickly and sleeping for a decent period of time.  I've even noticed that sometimes you wake up sooner than you really wanted to and will put yourself to sleep if I don't go to get you right away.  That made for a glorious afternoon on Thursday where both of you slept for like an hour and a half at the same time!  WOO-HOO!
Also, you say "mama" all the time now and it is super cute.  You also did this thing the other day where you would copy me by hitting your head and saying "oh!"  Lilly and I got such a kick out of that!  You are so playful, and you love to play games.  Your favorite is absolutely peek-a-boo, and you will duck your head down to hide and then pop back up over and over!  I love how interactive you are becoming!

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