Monday, January 18, 2016

Madeline Grace: Forty-One Weeks

Well, sweetheart, as of tomorrow, you'll officially be out as long as you were in!  Time has FLOWN by, and it feels like you have always been a part of our family.  At the same time, I swear that you were just born.  It feels like yesterday and another life all at the same time.

All sappiness aside, we had so much fun this weekend in Oregon!  Overall, you were a great traveler, considering how much time we spent on planes or in the car.  You were not a fan of our rental carseat, but then again I wasn't either.  Lesson learned, it might be worth the inconvenience to bring our own.  You went through just about a full box of teething crackers on the trip because they are the easiest and most portable snacks for you, and eating seemed to placate you during all of the driving.  Really, though, you and your sister did great and made for a very smooth trip.  We had so much fun at the Portland Children's Museum (although the germ levels made me a little twitchy as you tried to put everything in your mouth...). You gave us a bit of a hard time at Auntie Rachel's wedding, and Daddy had to spend part of the ceremony outside, but you were pretty happy to be passed around the rest of your aunties while we ate and danced.  Your sister, on the other hand, couldn't be dragged away from the dance floor.  I can't wait until you can be out there with her!  You are itching to participate in it all.  We got to spend some time with my mom's family and you got to meet your great grandparents, aunties, and uncle.  Everyone was enamored with your smushiness and fought to pass you around.  We were definitely all worn out by the time we headed home, but it was a great trip!

Oh, and by the way, you cut your first two teeth on the trip as well.  So that was fun...  Ha!  Actually, it worked out because you were pretty much over the worst of the pain after they initially broke the surface, and it was more that they were starting to show up.

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