Monday, December 21, 2015

Madeline Grace: Thirty-Seven Weeks

Thankfully this past week has gone SO MUCH BETTER and we all seem to be clear of the sickness!  The only hiccup is that you had a minor reaction to the amoxicillan for your ear infections, but it was exactly the same as Lilly had, and I think I had as a child, so we just stopped the dosage a couple of days early and you seem fine.  You were so sad and pitiful when your ear was hurting, and within 24 hours of starting the antibiotic you were doing so much better, so I am glad that it helped, and so glad that we got it cleared up before we headed up the mountain to Tahoe Saturday night.  You struggled with the drive at first, but we pulled over for you to get some milk, and you slept the rest of the way like a champ.  You have been so happy to play with everyone and explore the condo, and although you don't seem all that impressed with the snow and cold temperatures, you don't seem to hate them, either, so I'll call it a win.  Christmasfest has already started with Papa and Marion (well, really with the walker a few weeks ago), but so far you don't seem too interested in ripping open packages, although you are a champ at eating the paper once it's down.
Speaking of eating, you magically turned a corner and all of a sudden like puree pouches, table food, baby snacks, really just about anything.  The only catch is that you prefer to feed yourself, which of course makes me twitchy because OH THE MESS, but I am so glad that you are finally taking to food, because I'm pretty sure you have just been so hungry for the past few weeks!  Your auntie Leslie coined the term "food aggression" with your sweet cousin T, and I'm pretty sure it applies to you, too.  You are certainly not shy about letting us know that you want food, and if we are not getting it to you fast enough.  I'M SORRY I STARVED YOU FOR A MONTH, OK?!  This also seems to be helping your clinginess a tiny bit, and you are sleeping on your own a bit more.  I think the fully tummy helps, although it is also giving you some major gas issues, which wakes you back up.  Overall, though, thank goodness that I think we are turning a corner!

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