Monday, December 7, 2015

Madeline Grace: Thirty-Five Weeks

Well, the good news is you seem to have figured out this kneeling/pull up situation and are whacking your head a lot less, although you did get what I think might turn into your first bruise/lump on your forehead last night.  The bad news is that you have really turned into a Stage 5 clinger and you spent Saturday throwing up.  So there's that.  If I am in the room and anyone else is holding you, that's a no go.  If you are happily playing on the floor independently and I get up to walk into the kitchen or something, that's a no go.  It would actually be pretty funny if it weren't so pathetic, because you are a great crawler on the carpet, but as soon as you get off the big living room rug into the dining room to come after me, you start struggling on the hard wood and it is just the saddest and most determined little march to get me.  It would be so nice if you would be put down while you are sleeping AT ALL again...  I'm trying not to hold it against you too much, though, because I swear a tooth has to be breaking through one of these days, and I know you are right in the middle of the separation anxiety developmental leap, and you were sick, but man.  It is a good thing you are so stinking cute and your little grin just lights up the room when I come to pick you up!

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