Monday, November 16, 2015

Madeline Grace: Thirty-Two Weeks

We had such an adventure this weekend!  You and I flew with Auntie Joleen, Auntie Natalie, and baby Henry up to Portland to surprise Auntie Rachel at her bridal shower.  It was your first time flying, and you did great!  A few meltdowns, and at one point you and Henry had a "symphony" going as we tried to get set in our rental car, but mostly you just charmed the pants off of everyone!  You absolutely wanted to steal the show, even edging your way in front of Henry in pictures.  We were all dying laughing.  I am also pretty sure you are intentionally waving now, you little ham.  It's this darling little princess wave that I have got to get on tape, but you definitely do it when someone is talking to you.  What a diva!  Between you and your sister, we are in trouble!

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