Monday, November 23, 2015

Madeline Grace: Thirty-Three Weeks

You are a full-on crawler now, little miss!  So, so curious about everything, and you love that you can finally get everywhere to explore on your own, but you are still frustrated that you can't stand or climb.  You are going to give me a run for my money, I can just tell.  Now that you are mobile, though, I definitely have to play referee between you and your sister because you just want to be in the middle of everything that she is doing-which is fine about half the time, but sometimes she categorically does not want you touching her toys.  Lilly is doing a great job of offering you something else to play with, but you won't be placated; you want what she has!  So we are playing in separate rooms sometimes now.  For now, that keeps you at bay!  It is so much fun watching the two of you start to really interact and play together, and how much you adore each other.  You love hugging each other and you just get the giggles when she "tackles" you...although I have had to stop her from "riding" you a few times.  It is definitely starting to feel like we have two kids, and not just a baby, as your personality continues to develop.  Speaking of personality, I think you are getting a tooth or something wacky, because on Saturday we went to Red Dress Gala and had to come home because you would not be put down!  Just when I thought your clinginess was abating...

 Just had to throw one in there of you and your sister, since who knows what you will look like on Thanksgiving!

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