Monday, October 12, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Seven Weeks

Well aren't you just quite the little chatterbox this week!  Particularly in the evenings, when we're trying to watch TV, you have quite a lot to say, and at quite the loud volume!  It's actually really fun, because while you've definitely been chattering for a while, you are now trying to make deliberate sounds to copy us.  I think you are trying to make a "ma" sound, but it's coming out like "hmmblah."  It doesn't matter to you, though, because when we make the sound back at you, you are just so proud of yourself and get the biggest grin.  I think you may have a little cold, or allergies, or something, because you have been having some congestion issues at night, which is making sleep tough. Maybe it's teething, but I can't feel any buds in there.  Who knows, but whatever it is, I would love for it to go away so we can all start sleeping again!

PS I totally feel like the two pictures this week are completely indicative of how wiggly you are getting!!

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