Monday, October 26, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Nine Weeks

Ooh girl, you want to crawl so desperately!  Every time we sit you down, you flip to your stomach immediately.  Of course, you can't push yourself up or move yet, so you just flop around awkwardly.  But you love to reach for things (most notably your sister's toys), so I really don't think it'll be long now!  I'm not excited about you being mobile, but I also sort of hope you get it figured out soon because you are so darn frustrated!  You also do this hilarious arching thing when you don't want to be set down so that you can't sit.  I can't believe how strong your little body is.  You can be so stiff for someone so smushy!  It is clear that you already know how to communicate not only your needs, but your wants.  I even think you are intentionally reaching (dive-bombing) for me when you are being held by your daddy or on the floor sometimes!  It's a good thing you still have such sweet little cheeks and kissy lips when you sleep to remind me that you're still so little :)

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