Monday, October 19, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Eight Weeks

Well, hello, little chatterbox! You are experimenting with all kinds of new sounds, and definitely using them to tell us things--not that we have any idea.  You are sitting up so solidly now, and you love to just sit in front of your box of toys and grab them all out and put them in your mouth one by one.  Solids are going strong, and so far you don't seem to be having quite as much tummy trouble as your sister did with them, thank goodness.  We had a busy week of late-night dance rehearsals for Alpha Phi's Lip Sync, where everybody loved you and wanted to hold you or pet you, and they are all very impressed by your hair.  You even got to hang out with one of your favorite babysitters, Katie, on Friday night so your daddy and I could go watch the performances.  You seem to finally be coming out of whatever phase/growth spurt/allergies/teething/wonder week thing you were in for the last month or so, and are much more the content baby we thought we knew, instead of being super whiny and clingy.  So that's been amazing.  I know your daddy appreciates the lack of screaming battles in the evenings for sure!

And because this is too cute not to include:

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