Monday, September 21, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty-Four Weeks

You had a fun time at your very first Alpha Phi Recruitment event this week!  We went to a mock recruitment at UC Davis Friday night, and you were everybody's favorite guest.  I managed to stuff you into our pink Alpha Phi tutu, and it was pretty darn cute.  I think Lilly was jealous that she couldn't wear it anymore!  Then, on Sunday morning, your daddy took both of you to church all by himself while I went to judge Tiger Dancer tryouts.  You are still not loving the bottle, but you will drink a bit here or there if you're hungry.  Nights, though?  Forget it.  If I go tutor or do something in the evenings, you just scream like a banshee until you fall asleep.  Super fun for daddy-give him a break, ok?  Other than that, you are such a happy little thing, and getting more interactive and playful by the day!

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