Monday, August 24, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty Weeks

So, obviously, EVERYTHING goes in your mouth these days.  If you're not chewing, you're not happy.  Eating and your binky are acceptable replacements.  You are also quite the roller these days!  You're pretty solid at getting from your back to your belly, but then you get stuck and aren't too happy about it after a few minutes.  Honestly, I think you'd just prefer to stand all the time.  And grab things.  It is so fun watching you become more interactive by the minute.  You definitely already have toys that are your favorites, and certain things make you laugh.  I really need to dig your jumper out of the garage because I think you would just love it by now.  I am so glad that you are still a little cuddle bug, though.  I swear sometimes you get angry falling asleep because you think I'm going to put you down once you do, and you fight it with all of your little might!

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