Monday, August 31, 2015

Madeline Grace: Twenty-One Weeks

This has been such a fun week, little one! You're getting to that perfect roly-poly doll baby stage and it is just so cute!  Nothing all that exciting happened, but you are starting to get really excited about toys.  Or maybe I've just started to give you some new ones that were way cooler.  Right now, you are loving your Giants teething ring, your crinkly books, and anything with tags.  We also brought your jumper out of the garage, although you haven't gotten a ton of bouncy time in it since your sister figured out that she could climb into it by herself.  Even though she steals your cool toys, though, you are completely enamored with your sister.  And you're learning quickly to fight back by pulling her hair when she gets a little too aggressive "tackling" you.  Oh, and you pretty much refuse to stay on your back on a flat surface now, and immediately roll to your tummy.  It's not even a roll at this point, so much as a flip!

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