Monday, August 3, 2015

Madeline Grace: Seventeen Weeks

What a fun week this was!  Everyone was finally healthy, schedules were mostly normal, and we all got some rest.  You certainly took advantage of being healthy--I caught you on your belly one day in your crib, so I can only assume that you rolled yourself!  You love to roll to your side, but I haven't seen you go all the way over yet.  You are so strong when you are on your tummy, though, and I bet you'll be crawling sooner rather than later.  You also had your first real giggles this week, and were sooooooooo chatty!  You are exploring all of the fun noises you can make and love to have conversations.  EVERYTHING is getting grabbed and going into your mouth, and somewhere in the past few weeks you finally learned to love the binky (thank goodness!)

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