Monday, August 17, 2015

Madeline Grace: Nineteen Weeks

Hello sweet, affectionate, and oh-so-drooly girl!  Big step this week: you got to go to the church nursery for the first time!  I think we've both been ready for a few weeks, but I usually feed you at the beginning of church, and then you've been falling asleep so it doesn't make much sense to take you over then.  But this week, you were still awake after your milk, so I dropped you off along with your bestie, and the two wonderful women who run our nursery could not have been more thrilled.  They have been anxious to steal you forEVER.  It was so sweet when we came to pick you guys up--both of you were asleep in their arms.  I'm so glad you enjoyed it!  You are starting to come back out of your super-clingy phase, which is nice, but you definitely still prefer to be held, especially while you sleep. You are getting so playful, though, and you love to watch your big sister or roll around chasing after toys.  Sophie the Giraffe is a particular favorite lately.  You are showing all the signs of teething: drooling, chewing on all the things, etc, but those teeth buds are still down nice and low and don't appear to be coming any time soon, so I think those are also just the signs of being a four-month-old.  I think you'll be interested in food much sooner than your sister was--you are already reaching for my water bottle and eying everything I put in my mouth.  Soon enough, baby girl.  You're obviously not going hungry ;)

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