Monday, August 10, 2015

Madeline Grace: Eighteen Weeks

Oh, hey, clingy girl!  You are definitely having a "mommy moment," and you pretty much have to be in sight of me at all times, and you haven't spent much time sleeping on your own lately.  But that's ok because you're so darn cute!  I am loving the chatter and giggles, and when you grab my face and give me a big, wet kiss.  Or maybe you're just trying to eat my face.  Either way, it's cute.  You are very interested in your feet, and when I put your darling little Chucks on them, you love to try to grab the laces!  It makes reading time with Lilly a little extra challenging with you in my lap, because you like to try to eat the books, too.  Your coordination is getting pretty good, though, you can usually get the binky back into your mouth by yourself, along with whatever else is in reach!

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