Monday, July 27, 2015

Madeline Grace: Sixteen Weeks

Oh, sweet girl. Despite all of our prayers, you came down with the virus too.  We were three miserable girls most of this week. The rash gave me some nasty swelling and blisters all over my hands and feet, and it was so painful to eat, so I know my milk production went down.  Lilly and you had the most awful diaper rash as part of it, and we made two different trips to the doctor to get you guys checked out. You definitely had the worst rash of all of us, though, with nasty red bumps all over your body. We were so scared when you developed a fever, especially after everything we went through with Lilly, so we did everything we could to keep it down, since you are really too young for medicine.  The most successful trick seemed to be to keep a wet washcloth on your head, and it didn't seem to bug you too much.  We took your temperature in just about every way possible constantly, trying to make sure it wasn't rising.  Needless to say, your daddy and I were exhausted, physically and emotionally. I don't think we slept from Saturday to Wednesday. Thank the good Lord that by the weekend, we were all over the worst of it and able to relax a little bit. Absolutely one of the hardest weeks of my life, and it was literally only Jesus that got us through. I am eager to get back to some normalcy for all of us!

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