Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: Twenty-Four Months

Sweet girl, how are you already TWO?!  I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown by, but I also can't imagine you any other way than you are now.  You are such a little sponge of learning, and every day you seem to become more and more yourself as your personality develops.  Not a day goes by that we do not just crack up at something you do or say.  Some of my favorites recently are that everything is turning into "time"- "bed time," "dinner time," "muffin time."  This makes sense considering how routine-oriented you are!  The other day you told me Hobby Lobby was "super fun" (I wonder where you got that?!), and you've taken to calling yourself a goofy goober, which comes out "gobble gobble".  We have officially hit the point where any word we say is fair game to be repeated and immediately memorized.  You are moving on to less concrete parts of speech, like prepositions and understanding the difference between yours and mine (although not so much in application--everything somehow ends up yours...)
I also love your new-found manners; "please" is becoming a habit that we rarely have to prompt, and you like to remind others to share, say thank you, and excuse me.  Speaking of sharing, I am so impressed with your growing inter-personal skills!  You are navigating the tricky emotions of having to wait your turn, even when you want something desperately.  You have two baby dolls that you have named Madeline and Jed, and you feed them, burp them, rock them, tuck them in, buckle them in to the carseat, and push them in the stroller.  You also do all of these things to your sister, along with "tackle" and "hold."  Madeline (the real one) is half entranced and half frightened of you.
You are working on your gross motor skills--verbal obviously took the forefront for a while--and you like to "jump for joy," "running fast," "dance dance," "tumble," and wrestle Daddy.  You would rather observe new environments and skills until you feel comfortable than to jump right in and explore, but once you are comfortable with someone or somewhere, you are all in.
We still read for hours daily, and you would mostly rather read a longer storybook than a quick boardbook.  Some of your favorites include Winnie the Pooh, the Berenstein Bears, and Curious George (aka "monkey George oo oo ah ah").  You are also really starting to get into "watch" TV, and love watching the Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo, or Frozen ("AH-chee" for Anna and Elsa?!  Not sure how you can say "calculator" but not that...) with your daddy on weekend mornings.  Sometimes we watch Curious George in the afternoons for a break--you are adamant about just the one nap, but you definitely need some cuddle time to suck your thumb and twirl my hair around 3:30 every day.  When the episode is over, you always ask to watch "couple more."
I still can't believe how much you have loved the play kitchen you got for Christmas.  You cook for hours on end, and love bringing us soup, sandwiches, juice, or tea.  Other than reading, that is your favorite thing to do, for sure.  You also love to sort, organize, color-code, stack, etc with your letters, cups, and stacking toys.  Wonder where you got that from?  You still like coloring, but have eased off a little with the constant drawing demands (THANK YOU JESUS).  Puzzles and Duplos are also a big hit.  You recognize all of the letters (most of the time) and associate words with some of them (P for Papa, L for "ME!" M for Mama, C for cat, D for dog, sorry Dada, J for Jed, etc.) and most of the numbers 0-9, but we are still working on the counting.  Right now, it goes "one, twee, four, nine, ten."  You know that you are two, but cannot figure out how to get more than one finger up.
As much as this age gets a bad rap as the "terrible twos," and you certainly have your moments, it is just so much fun to watch you learn and grow!  We love you, Lilly girl!

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