Monday, June 15, 2015

Madeline Grace: Ten Weeks

Well, Little Miss, you are officially a two-month chunk! You had your doctor's appointment this week, coming in at 24 inches and 13 lbs, 2 oz. That's a full pound heavier than your bestie Abby is and your sister was at this age.  You certainly love to eat, and only spit up occasionally.  Your hair is starting to grow in the front a bit, but the whole thing still looks awfully silly. Lots of funny faces and noises coming this week, and you so love when we get in your face and talk to you (which is good, because Lilly is in your face a lot!). You aren't shy with your big grins. You are obsessed with your hands and are constantly trying to put your entire fist in your mouth. You have a super strong grip and are always accidentally grabbing your blanket or something, and then look so surprised when it ends up in your mouth as you go for those fists!

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