Monday, May 25, 2015

Madeline Grace: Seven Weeks

Um, wait, where did this week go, sweet girl?! I swear you just turned six weeks. We had a packed week of birthday celebrations, with your daddy turning 31 on Tuesday, Papa turning 54 on Saturday, and Jed turning 2 on Sunday! You were the best little traveler for our celebrations, and other than needing to eat occasionally, you were absolutely just along for the ride. I think your sleeping habits are starting to develop, and you would sleep until 8 or so every day if you could (meaning if I stayed in bed with you, little cuddler!) Somebody give your sister that memo! Although you also like staying up until around 9:00, when you're ready for milk and sleep. Occasionally you'll sleep in your Rock N Play from 9:30 or so until sometime in the middle of the night-1 or 2 maybe? Mostly you just want to be right next to me, though.
This week has been the best with smiles! They don't come all the time, but we're starting to get some awfully good ones to balance out your patented stink-eye ;)

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