Monday, May 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: 22 Months

Happy first month as a big sister, sweet girl!  You are doing SO WELL so far.  I thought you would be overly helpful, and so far, that seems to be true.  You like to give the baby blankets, adjust her hat, and try to get her to open her eyes.  If she cries, you make sure that we know, and you ask for her to give you kisses when we tuck you into bed.  On the other hand, when it is your mommy reading time, you hate to have her touching you or taking up my lap.  Overall, though, you are just as sweet as I knew you would be.
The worst part of this month was your first real stomach flu.  You were so sad and so hungry, but you couldn't keep anything down, so you were begging for food and water.  It broke my heart, but luckily it passed pretty quickly and you soon started to try to eat everything in the house--like three muffins for breakfast and still ready for more!
I am so sad that you had your last day in the toddler class at Bible Study Fellowship this month.  Your two teachers have been SO amazing, and I know you will be heartbroken not to go next week, so we will have to find you some fun new activities for the summer.  You are definitely getting to the age where you need some structured activity, so we are searching.  I know that your BSF and Sunday School classes have helped your language development so much.  You are spouting new words every day, and we are having fun teaching you words like "dictator" and "aggravating" when you are being exceptionally bossy or difficult ;)  We have to be extremely careful what we say around you now, because you repeat everything almost immediately.  You have your colors on lock, and about 15-20 letters, a couple of shapes, and the number 3.  I think there is a good chance you'll have the shapes and full alphabet by the time you turn two, which is crazy to me!  This age is just mind-blowing, and I love it!

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