Monday, April 27, 2015

Madeline Grace: Three Weeks

Sweet girl, you are growing like a weed!  We took you in for your weight check, and you are back to up 9 lbs, 12 oz, which is two pounds up in two weeks!  You also grew and inch in length and an inch around the head.  Obviously, you are a good eater!  We celebrated my birthday this weekend, and you got to tag along to a girls' lunch and a shopping trip out in Pleasanton.  You are still a content little bug, as long as you get fed regularly and don't have gas.  You have been having some gas issues that seem to be pretty painful here and there, and a couple of pretty massive spit-ups, but your burping skills are excellent!  It is so fun watching you start to be more alert and take in the world around you, and Lilly loves it when your eyes are open and she can get right in your face--it's the cutest!

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