Saturday, April 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: 21 Months

Well, sweet girl, this is your last month (maybe day??) of being an only child!  Somehow, I think you are going to be a natural big sister-you are already very bossy!  From what color of crayon we should color with and what we should draw, to where you would like us to sit while we play, you have strong opinions.  You are picking up words daily for almost everything in your little world, and it's fun to try to understand what you are pointing out.  Lately "hiney," "shark" (pronounced CHAAAAAARK like how Flounder yells it in the Little Mermaid), and monkey sounds are my favorite.  You loooooooove the Little Mermaid and would watch it every morning if I let you, but we save it for weekends.  I don't love how much you zone out when the TV is on, but you are playing so hard and your little mind is spinning all day long that I guess you probably need that chill time of either TV or reading (obviously, reading is better.  I know that.)  You are also into the Berenstein Bear books lately, and Curious George is still going strong.  Luckily we've had a little break from coloring in the past few days (THANK YOU JESUS), and you've been enjoying playing in your kitchen.  As long as I sit in the rocking chair and am available to be fed, you're happy.  It makes for some unproductive days, but it's also highly entertaining!  I swear it is so amazing to watch you think about all the things you want to do and how to troubleshoot.  You love routines, sorting, and color-coding, HA.  Unfortunately, as you try to explore more new things, you are starting to get frustrated and don't know quite how to handle it yet.  I'm not sure where you got your refusal to ask for help from ;)  On the bright side, if you are doing anything naughty, you make it completely obvious by saying "mmm-mmm," so I know to come in and catch you.  That's what you're saying in the first picture, because you know you aren't supposed to stand up on the chair!

Apparently, in preparation for your new baby sister, you decided to re-create your newborn photos this month...

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