Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: 20 Months

Compared to the past few months, I feel like this one has been pretty quiet.  You are still learning and using tons of new words, but there haven't been any major milestone jumps lately, thank goodness!  I was having trouble keeping up with all of your new skills, especially when you just look at me like, "duh, Mom, I can do this now."  You would color (or rather, tell me what to draw) all day long if we would let you, but there are only so many cats Mommy can draw.  You are starting to want to learn letters, and you are really good at B, T, O, and G.  You know most of the colors, but have trouble distinguishing between yellow and orange.  I really didn't expect to be working on learning all of these things yet, but you want to know!  You are so curious, and want to copy everything I am doing.  We logged a lot of hours reading this month, especially Winnie the Pooh and Curious George.  You will sit through a 15-20 minute Curious George story or more, happily sucking your thumb and twirling my hair several times a day.  I am definitely trying to soak up all of our one-on-one time before you become a big sister next month!

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