Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: 19 Months

Ok, first of all, I just died.  I went back through photos to see if I had put you in this shirt before since it was from last summer...and found this.  YOU WERE SO LITTLE!

Well this month flew!  Somehow you are 19 months, and closer to being a 2-year-old than a 1-year-old.  What?!  It has been a slightly weird month, with you alternating between being Miss Independent  and all of a sudden picking up a thumb-sucking and hair-holding habit for comfort.  I think you are caught in the middle of being a baby and a big girl and can't quite figure it out sometimes!  We are slowly transitioning your room and talking a lot about the new baby, so I'm thinking that may have something to do with it, too.
Your language continues to jump every day!  Some of my new favorites are naked (ne-ne), cat (ok, that one's not new, but you woke up from your nap the other day yelling it over and over so it makes me laugh every time), blueberry (beebeebee), and dirty (which you say insistently while pointing at my floors!).  You continue to be extremely particular about your standards of cleanliness, and are great at wiping up spills (or imaginary spills).  You do not stand for crumbs, condensation, or imperfectly-shaped food.  A couple of times I've done something like dropped my water bottle and caused a big spill, and you just cry until I've cleaned it and you up.  Seriously, where do you get this from?  I mean, I know I'm type A about a lot of things, but cleaning isn't really my jam...(maybe it should be?!)
You LOVE going to the church nursery or over to see Jed (Jee-jee), but once you're in a group of kids you are totally content to watch or do your own thing.  We are working on sharing and taking turns, and I imagine we have a while to go on that, but I'm pretty impressed with your patience at times, as long as you understand that you aren't going to miss out!  You are absolutely a creature of habit (THAT one I understand), and if we make it much past 11:00 or 6:30 you are practically ready to put yourself to bed.  If I forget a part of one of our routines, you are sure to let me know it!  I am so excited to see you become a big sister--as long as your routine doesn't get too messed up (ha!) and you still have plenty of mommy and daddy time, I think you're going to be great!

Obviously the sass level hasn't diminished in the slightest; you were having nothing to do with staying in that chair!

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