Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lilly Anne: 18 Months

So obviously sitting still for photos isn't going any better...
You are still one sassy girl, and most of the time it is beyond hilarious!  You learned to word "no" this month and use it liberally.  Mostly it is helpful for you to communicate what you want or don't, but you also tend to say no when you mean yes and then crack yourself up about it.  My favorite part is the head-shake that accompanies it.  So far it's still cute ;)
This month was crazy packed with all sorts of company, traveling, and holiday fun!  Your great-grandma (my grandma) came out to visit with Papa, and you couldn't stop talking about them.  We spent a weekend in Tahoe, and you absolutely won the "best traveler" prize.  You slept or played in the car with minimal fuss, adapted to the new location without any trouble, and slept like a champ.  It definitely made me less stressed to travel with you again!  You LOVED seeing the snow, and had so much fun sledding (although you seemed to prefer dragging the sled yourself to actually riding it...).  Christmas was quite the adventure, and you quickly got the hang of unwrapping your presents.  Favorites included an etch-a-sketch and dishes.  You liked the play kitchen that we built, but for now, you'd be just as content to serve tea without it!
We are definitely ready to get back to a regular routine, but it has been tough to not have Daddy around all the time--we got spoiled for a couple of weeks!  The behavior challenges seem to come not during the excitement, but when we have to adjust back afterwards and it's just you and me.  Overall, though, I really can't complain.  A day or so of time-outs and button-pushing and you are back to normal.
At your 18-month appointment you were 32.5 inches and 24 lbs, 11 oz.  I'm pretty sure all of the growth since 15 months has happened in the last week, because you definitely seem bigger all of a sudden!  Your language is continuing to grow daily, adding in robe, bath, bubbles, cheese, teeth, papa, mimi, hot, hat, me, dog, diaper, purple, and what we think is yellow.  You are interested in colors but don't have them all figured out yet.  Except purple (mostly), which is sometimes also pink or red.  You are obsessed with your "babies," which are mostly teddy bears, and you are starting to insist that they wear a diaper or be swaddled.  I guess that bodes well for your big-sister skills, which are rapidly approaching!!  Hopefully you will be as interested in baby sister as you are in the bears, and not too jealous!

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