Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lilly Anne: 17 Months

This month was CRAZY for speech development.  You say so many words now!!  Up, mama, dada, baby, water (well, baba) and please are all super clear.  You are great with anything that starts with b-ball, bow, and you are working on k sounds, like car, clock, and coffee.  You are quick to point out every car that you see, so parking lots are interesting.  Final consonants aren't there yet, so a lot of your words sound the same, but I can tell some differences.
As is probably obvious from these pictures, your sassy personality continues to develop more each month.  It is such a struggle to get you to stay in the chair for these pictures!  You are liking sitting in your high chair or booster seat to eat again, though, especially sitting at the table for dinner.  Anything that makes you feel like a grown-up!  You are starting to imitate not only sounds we make, but also things we do, and it is pretty hilarious.  You love toting around a purse or a cell phone, and you are starting to get attached to some stuffed animals.
You are still eating pretty much anything we eat, depending on the day.  For Thanksgiving, we went to your great aunt and uncle's house, and you got to see your grandparents and your great-grandma.  You weren't a huge Thanksgiving feaster, but you did love the jello/marshmallow salad that we made at home (of course, because it has pretty much the least real food in it!).  And sleep...beautiful, sweet sleep!  You sleep pretty consistently from 6:30 to at least 6 every night, and any occasional wake-ups that happen are settled pretty quickly without us getting up.  Probably because we are waaaay too used to staying in bed by now, ha!
I can't believe how much of a little person you are becoming and how much fun it is! :)

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