Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Lilly Anne: 16 Months

Ok, so this has officially been my favorite month so far, really just for one reason: you started sleeping through the night.  Literally the day after you turned 15 months, you just went all night without waking up, or waking up for a minute and putting yourself back to sleep after like 5 seconds, and it just continued.  It. Is. GLORIOUS.  And even when you do wake up now, we are way too used to sleeping, and you've learned to completely self-soothe, even if it takes a few minutes.  Ha.  Nothing like a taste of a full night's sleep to let you cry it out.  It all started with the perfect storm of you turning 15 months, a new sleep sack, and moving your bedtime up to 6:30, and we have no idea which of those factors helped you start sleeping, but you can bet we aren't changing a thing.  Naps, on the other hand, have been a mess, as you are transitioning from two to one nap and changing up the time on me.  I am definitely eager to get a nap routine established again!!

Anyway, other than that, you have also had a pretty good month during the days too!  I think you are having a little teething break, even though nothing really came in, and you have overall been in great spirits and getting better at playing independently.  You LOVE doing puzzles, reading, and coloring, although you would prefer that all three of those activities be done with one of us.  We set a little reading corner up for you with a fluffy rug and pillow by your books, and you love sitting there and taking every single book off of the shelf to be examined.  If there is a kitty to be found in one of those books, you will loudly let us know.

You are starting to get a few new words, including "hi" and "bye-bye," although we are still working on saying those when people are actually around, rather than 5 minutes after they've left.  You are definitely trying to communicate in other ways more clearly too, including a few signs and lots of pointing and jabbering.  When it is time for bed, you go get your blanky to let us know; if you want to go for a walk, you push the stroller over to me and pat the seat.  It's really entertaining!  You are certainly as much of a ham as you've ever bed, but it's getting so hard to take a picture of you, because when you see my phone you want to either pretend to talk on it, or try to turn on FaceTime to talk to Daddy.  I wish I could get more of your babbling sounds on video, though, because they are hilarious!  I laugh all the time, and you know it and will give me the cheesiest grin.

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