Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lilly Anne: 15 Months

Ok, so this month started out with our last major trip for a while, up to Oregon for my cousin's wedding.  Our travel crew was you, me, and my dad.  Amazingly, you still did remarkably well on this trip considering how crazy your past month had been.  Sleep sucked, but I expected that.  You did great on the airplane again, and you loved the fresh produce from the family farm.  You also got to meet a bunch of family on my mom's side, including your great-grandparents and your second cousin (first cousin once removed?  Whatever my cousin's child is...) Elliott, who is three weeks older than you.  It's fun, because I am three weeks older than his dad!  We had a fun play date at the park and then went out for pizza.  I think you really enjoyed having Papa along to entertain you, but you were definitely excited to see your daddy when we got home!  I could have used about a week of sleep to catch up, but you had maaaajor regression in that area for a few weeks after all this craziness, and ended up back in bed with us for most of the nights.  So much for weaning you.  You finally started to turn a corner in the last couple of weeks and get back to normal, even going back to only needing milk for naps.
Even though we took some time off from major traveling, we basically drove to every kids' attraction in the Bay Area this month because my bestie Lindy and her family were in California, so we met up with them for you to play with Ada a bunch of times.  They stopped by here, and Ada basically tried to steal all of your toys.  You weren't too perturbed, though, because you love to force sharing and overhost when kids come over, so it worked.  We met up at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose as a halfway point between here and Monterey, and while I'm not sure "zoo" is totally an accurate word for the 5 animals they had, it was pretty cool with lots of play spaces and some kiddy rides.  We also hit up the Monterey Aquarium, which I love, but you probably were really only interested in people watching and the play areas.  The best trip was definitely the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  It was sooo toddler friendly, with lots of great instruments, art stations, and play areas to explore.  Plus, it overlooks the Golden Gate, which is a tough view to beat!  
In terms of development, you popped the rest of your teeth through, including the other bottom, the two top sides, and possibly a molar.  I haven't been brave enough to stick my finger all the way back in there to check it out, though ;)  I think you're working through the rest of those molars still, because the teething symptoms still seem in full force.  I swear each month you just make major jumps in your comprehension and motor skills; you can do some simple puzzles now, you love to sit and read independently, and I can't get over how much of what I say you understand, even when I don't direct it at you.  The other day I asked your daddy to grab me a burp cloth, and you ran back into your room and came back with three.  I have been thinking a lot about how to rearrange some things and make space for the toys that will be coming soon as you continue to make these leaps in development.  I think you'll be ready for dress-up clothes soon, since you are constantly trying to put on our dirty laundry, and we are going to make you (or buy...) a play kitchen for Christmas.  You are getting much better at coloring, so I think you'll enjoy an art station soon, too, and we got some little chairs that fit our coffee table perfectly which you love sitting on.  So yeah, all of that stuff takes up a lot of space, and we have some reconfiguring to do!

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