Thursday, September 4, 2014

Lilly Anne: 14 Months

So this post is coming much closer to 15 months than 14, but I did take your picture pretty close to on time!  The 14th month was just completely crazy full of traveling and teeth, and I have had no motivation to sit down at the computer and do any thinking!  You spent most of the month covered in drool and full of swollen gums, but by the end of the month, only one tiny bottom tooth had broken through!  Whomp whomp.

This month you spent your first night without us!  We flew down to LA for a work party, and my dad came and stayed with you for the night.  Out of all of us, it was probably hardest on him, haha!  I bet he slept well the next few nights.  You did just fine without us, occasionally looking for us at the door, but mostly enjoying a fresh playmate who was willing to sit on the floor and build towers for you endlessly.  We did just fine without you; I knew you were in good hands and I was so gosh darn excited to get a full night's sleep.  Let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS.  We bailed on all post-party plans, and honestly probably would have left the party early if it hadn't been a bus situation, and lived up our chance to sleep through the night and sleep in!  Even your daddy slept in until like 9:30.  It was awesome.  It was great to come home and see you, but I could definitely do that again.

The weekend after that trip, we all went to Lake Tahoe to check out my dad's new condo.  You got to spend some time at the beach (not impressed), and crawl up the stairs over and over (big hit).  We tried a few of the local restaurants and took a short nature walk nearby, where you had your first faceplant and fat lip.  It was just about the saddest thing ever. 

The weekend after THAT trip, we went to Disneyland!  You were much more coherent this time around, and you actually got to run in your own race instead of just waiting on each of us.  I don't know why I expected any different, but the children's races were a giant cluster of controlled chaos, so I'm not sure I would do that again anytime soon, but it was pretty cute.  In the park, your favorite part was the splash pad in A Bug's Land.  You enjoyed the little rides we went on, like Little Mermaid, but that was definitely your favorite, even better than the pool.  Except maybe the water slide, where you drank enough chlorinated water to throw up later that night (while you were on grandparent watch!).  You spent most of the ride home throwing up as well, which was so hard to watch and not be able to do much about.  It was a tough ending to the trip, especially since we all slept zero hours that last night.  I could tell you were DONE with traveling...which was awesome since we still had one more trip the next weekend, but that one goes into the 15 month post!

Despite the turmoil of the month, you are overall such a goofy little goober when you feel well, and you crack yourself, and the rest of us, up all the time.  You understand so many things that I say, and can follow directions and point out a lot of things when asked!  I'll give more details on those skills and your words next month (next week...) :)

Also, how cute is that cat skirt?  You are ready for fall!

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