Monday, August 4, 2014

Lilly Anne: 13 Months

Wow!  So much has happened in this past month.  You are now walking veeeeeery confidently on your own, you picked up a bunch of words (which you have now mostly lost, replaced by "that" or something of the sort indicating you want to know the name of the object), and your comprehension of the world is increasing by leaps and bounds.  My favorite developments are your hugs and kisses!  Especially when I am trying to get you down for a nap, you will pop your head up, grin, and then slobber your mouth all over mine until I start laughing.  You are such a little ham, and you will do anything to get a reaction.  You are loving your baby doll and stuffed animals, and OHMYGOSH you are obsessed with reading books.  Specifically, the same books.  OVER AND OVER.  I'm so glad you love reading, but you pick the strangest books to fixate on some days!  You aren't really into plot, you just like to point at things and have me say the word for them.  I know that soon you are just going to spout off all of these new words out of the blue!  You are also really starting to perfect your tantrums when you don't get your way (can't touch my phone...), and we definitely had a phase with lots of time-outs as you started trying to test limits.  You have really learned that certain behaviors are off limits, although you like to test every so often by walking over to something you know you aren't supposed to touch, sticking your finger out, and looking over your shoulder at me just to see if I'm watching.  Pure sass.  This little personality is coming out more each and every day!

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