Monday, July 28, 2014

Lilly Anne Birthday Fest

We started out Lilly's birthday celebration on Friday night (her actual birthday) with a 4th of July dinner and cupcakes.  As you can see, she was impressed with the spinning pinwheel, but not so much the actual cupcake.





On Saturday, we had a barbeque in our brand new backyard with some friends and family (lots of aunties!!).  I printed out my favorite 225 Instagram pictures of #lillyannebabyspam (and accidentally threw away about 75 of them :( but there were still plenty left) and just used tape to stick them on our bracket wall.  I bought a few lanterns from Just Artifacts, and used a circle punch to make some garland.

Other than that, I kept it pretty simple, except for the monogram poster I designed to match her invitations and framed behind her high chair.  Staples was having a sale, so I got it printed for under $20.  I cannot say enough good things about their print center; I also used their print center for my invitations and everything came out so professional at an amazing price point.


And of course, Lilly found every piece of bark on the ground and let me know that she didn't want it in her photo shoot.

The party itself was wonderful.  So many of our favorite people were there, and Lilly was so loved.  These are just a few of my favorite shots of her opening presents, and stopping to read in the middle!  The cupcake was again not a hit, except for the flame, which she immediately put her hand in and then started crying.  #momoftheyear!!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the night.  Not because it's a great shot of the cake, and in fact, you can't even see the garland I made for the top, but because it shows so many people chipping in to make this party a success.  I am blessed by so many friends (and a husband!) with such servant's hearts who just love me and my family so much.

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