Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lilly Anne: 50 Weeks

50?!?!? What the heck.  I can't believe you are going to be one in TWO WEEKS.  Nutty.  You are finally starting to take steps, although obviously very cautiously, and really only towards Goldfish or a cat.  I think you can say "kitty" pretty consistently now, so I'm calling it as the first word officially.  If I didn't do that already.  Mommy brain is real, people.  You spent most of our vacation teething, and the top right finally broke through on our drive home.  I think the top left has broken through, too, but you aren't real enthusiastic about letting me check.  Hopefully they will come in enough that you don't look totally goofy for your first birthday ;)

Short and sweet today--we have spent the week working on our backyard, adjusting back to real life (and laundry), and being just a little off between the teething and a new developmental leap that you are supposedly entering.  I also have to get my booty in gear for your birthday party; it's so soon!! And you were clearly so cooperative in your photos this week--I swear the sass just keeps increasing every week! I've never seen a baby smirk so much.


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