Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lilly Anne: 49 Weeks

Oh man, Lilly, we have had the BEST vacation!  You are loving playing with Jed all day every day, and pool time has been so much fun.  You love the splash pad, the baby pool, and floating around in the big pool.  I am loving that you are still pretty much on your schedule, and are playing waaay more independently with a buddy.  It is so stinking cute to watch the two of you interact, although I think Jed might be ready for a break!  We were hanging out last night while Jed's parents went on a date, and while you and your daddy were on the patio, Jed kept insistently trying to close the door and keep you outside!  Actually, jokes aside, you both have napped pretty well, eaten decently (although you've had more than your fair share of his Goldfish!), and the meltdowns have really been minimal.  This is definitely going to be an annual thing!  Except for the drive part tomorrow...we left in the evening on the way down, so after the first two hours or so, you slept the rest of the way and we made awesome time, but you'll be awake all day tomorrow, so we'll see.  Hopefully I can keep feeding you grapes and goldfish and the time will fly by!  I still need to do a photo dump of our trip, but for now, we have our own vacation hashtag on Instagram (duh), hoveygrayvacay, to keep them all in one place!
Also, the tongue and nose scrunches are starting to get out of control.

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