Thursday, June 5, 2014

Lilly Anne: 48 Weeks

Lilly Anne, this week you did something I literally thought would never happen: you put yourself to sleep in your crib.  Cue angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus.  I truly never believed it would happen, and your daddy was having visions of rocking a fifteen-year-old to sleep.  So many times, we think you are asleep, set you down in the crib, and you immediately start screaming.  This time, your daddy got frustrated and stepped out of the room to take a moment, and while I was talking to him, we both realized your cries seemed to be calming down, not escalating.  So we watched the monitor for a few minutes and saw you lay yourself down, blinking for a few minutes, fade to a whimper, and fall asleep.  Flabbergasted.  It was AWESOME.  We are praying this is something that continues, because it will help ease part of the major burden that is putting you to bed each night, and after a year, we could use a break.  For all of the other parents out there struggling with sleep, trust me that I know how real the struggle is, and how much it affects every other part of raising your child.  I have had so much learning to do about giving up my own expectations and not taking it personally when every single person of an older generation seems surprised that my baby isn't sleeping through the night, because I know that you will take these steps when you're ready--you've proven that time and time again.  This sleep journey has been an awesome way to continually remind myself that God is faithful; remember when you wouldn't sleep in your crib at all, or when you had to be swaddled for way longer than you fit into the swaddle blankets?
In other news, we leave for our vacation in Palm Desert tomorrow!  Praying everything goes smoothly with our drive, and that you adapt to our new setting quickly :)

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  1. I hope she keeps putting herself to sleep! Ada woke up pretty much every night at 4am until 14 months when we weaned. I think night wake ups are more common than most people think.


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