Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Monthly Favorites: Month 9

clockwise from top left:

myBaby SoundSpa Portable: I don't know why it took us so long to get a sound machine!  I'm not sure it really improves her sleeping, but it's another cue to use that will hopefully eventually convince her that it really is ok to go to sleep.  The portable one was definitely the best choice, because we can leave it plugged in, but take it with us if we travel, too.  I didn't think the light show from the full-sized one seemed necessary, and so far I'm very happy with our choice!!

Personalized Scripture Book: I just love this.  I found Kristen's shop while I was browsing on Etsy (always a dangerous activitiy), and I fell in love with these beautiful books.  Each scripture is personalized with Lilly's name, and we love ready them at night before bed.  Definitely my new go-to baby shower present!

Hyland's Homeopathic Teething Tablets: We call them Happy Pills.  Enough said.  Not sure if they actually do anything, but the child lights up when she sees the bottle.  Apparently the childproof lid is not actually childproof, or the childproofing is mommyproof, because I let her play with the bottle and found her a second later with it open, about to start trying to take pills out. #momoftheyear

Ribbon Wand Cat Toy (similar): You guys.  This is Lilly's FAVORITE toy.  Of all time.  She carries it around all day long, and would sleep with it if she could.  She loves to wave it around like a princess, with or without the cats.  You can see the actual one we have in her 43-week update here, but, I kid you not, it is a cat toy I found the the Target post-Christmas clearance.  I took it out to play with the cats one day, and she wanted it, so I thought, why not?  It's pretty safe, except for the time I caught her with the bell bitten off and in her mouth. Another fine #momoftheyear moment.  Now that the bell's gone, though, it's perfect! ;) She is seriously such a princess.

VTech Alphabet Activity Cube: I chose this around the beginning of the month because I could tell that Lilly was getting bored with the toys we had, and was ready for something with a few more manipulatives to explore.  I really like that it has a place to put all of the blocks, because she is really into taking things out of a space, so I can fill it up and she will immediately empty it.  I don't love all of the music and flashy lights, since they are fairly seizure-inducing, but I keep them off a lot, and they are a nice distraction when she is extra clingy in her playtime.  I was looking at a bunch of different electronic toys, and this seemed to have the most all in one, so rather than buy her four new toys for different skills and entertainment, I was able to just get this one.  Less toys = a win in my book.  

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