Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Monthly Favorites: Month 10

 Clockwise from top left:

Click, Clack, Moo (Classic Board Books): It's always nice to find books that you don't mind reading over and over. And over.  This one makes me laugh still, so it's a winner in my book.
Playgo My First Stacking Cups : These aren't the exact ones that we have (ours are from my own childhood!), but they are the most similar. Unfortunately, Lilly isn't a complete genius and hasn't built any towers on her own yet, but she likes taking them apart and knocking them down.  Or yelling into the cup.  Or whacking the cat in the head with the cup.  Or crawling around--she's really mastered the one-handed toy crawl.  You get the idea--plenty of bang for not much buck!
Equate - Infants' Gas Relief Drops, Simethicone20 mg, 0.5 fl oz: These things are gold.  Since Lilly has pretty much completely boycotted baby food and gone straight to human food, her system has had trouble keeping up.  Well, she's always had some trouble and was super spitty for the first six months or so, so it isn't really a surprise.  These drops have been immeasurable helpful in getting her settled at night.
Counting Fun Felt Book : Lilly loves to sit and read on her own, and these felt pages are so easy to turn with her little fingers.  It bothers me that it stops at 6, though.  The dancer in me wants it to go to 8.
See Kai Run Midori Mary Jane (Infant): Just, cute.  I mean, so cute.  I've been stalking this brand of shoes on Amazon, but as far as I know, nobody in Stockton carries them, so I was super excited (but not surprised...) to find them in Petaluma at a cute little children's boutique downtown.  Actually, my dad and I are pretty obsessed with the store--my dad really likes the anatomically correct stuffed animals, so expect those to pop up on here one of these months.  We also got a yellow pair of fishermen sandals.  The quality of these vs the $5 pair I picked up at Target is completely obvious, and Lilly can crawl and cruise in them easily.

Sassy Look Photo Book: Another fun, easy-to-turn book for Lilly to read on her own.  We haven't put any pictures in yet, but she loves to talk about the black and white graphic images that are in there under the photo slots.  Not really sure what story she's telling, but I like it.


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